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I go crazy in the gym. It takes all my power not to stare constantly at all the smoking-hot be-spandexed babes thrusting out their firm asses for us men to ogle, under the pretense of stretching or undertaking squats or whatever. After which there is that damn thigh-toner machine which, gets them to systematically spread their legs, their shaved pussy lips pressing out from underneath spandex towards us males. Go ahead; call me weak-willed.

A single day in the fitness center, one such gorgeous young lady had been thrusting out her perfect, toned, sizeable, shapely arse, with her back arched like a tigress in heat, towards me all afternoon, giving me sidelong ‘come hither’ glances. Subsequent thing I knew, I was on some machine when I saw her directly across from me ‘toning her thighs,’ her lengthy legs open wide-to-the-max, showing me her cunt by means of her hot-pink spandex short-shorts, slowly flexing her thighs open and closed, staring at me with bedroom-eyes, her full pink lips opening slightly. Later on, she suddenly approached me as I was finishing my set on a machine.

'Hi, I'm Jessica,' her voice was pure female sexuality, pure pussy. She a was a distinctive beauty, painfully hot to see, cock-torture to witness, a perfect-10: 5'11', Asian, however spoke having a perfect American accent, face like a porcelain doll (or if you'd rather, a rubber pussy-doll) spider-waist, long toned legs, massive fake tits, conspicuous steel nipples, a silicone-angel, ass-length straight bleached-amber-fuck-me-blonde hair with bangs which framed her angel-face, thickly black mascara'd lashes, skimpily hot-pink be-spandexed sizeable, shapely ass- a goddess. Her entire aspect screamed, 'SEX!' I wondered seriously if she were perhaps not a high-class whore.

'Hi. Steve.' We smiled and shook hands. It was a thrill just to touch her skin; her slender, manicured feminine hands caressing my rougher man-hands sending shivers down into my fast-becoming-heavier dick in my pants.

We got to talking and she ended up inviting me to join her and some close friends for dinner that evening. I wanted to fuck her so poor. How could I fuckin’ refuse? Besides, the stupid dinner thing was certainly just a pretense to her pussy. Damn, I couldn’t wait to really feel this girl from the inside…

'You know, I don't actually like these showers,' she said. 'I assume I'll take a taxi back to my flat and wash up there. You wanna cum in my shower?' Did she just say 'cum in my shower'? …that wasn't so subtle. Bring it! I believed.